Bromo Midnight


  • 23:00-00:00  Pick you up at Surabaya City (Hotel, Train Station or Airport) to Cemoro Lawang Village (Bromo area) in 4 hours
  • 03:00-03:30  Start the Bromo tour by using a 4WD jeep and head to sunrise view point
  • 04:00-06:00  Enjoy the view of beautiful Bromo sunrise
  • 06:00-07:00 Back to the 4WD jeep and visit the sea of sands and take a picture with the exotic 4WD jeep 
  • 07:00-07:30  Go to the crater of Bromo by walk or ride a horse
  • 07:30-08:30  Enjoy the view of fogging volcano and view from the top of Bromo crater
  • 08:00-08:30  Back to the 4WD jeep parking area
  • 09:00  Go to the restaurant for breakfast
  • 10:00  Back to drop-off point Surabaya (Hotel, Train Station or Airport)
  • Bromo midnight tour is finish

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